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Bat Guano (Bat Manure)

Bat guano during the mid-1800 with the United States has played a leading role in the development of agriculture. Bat manure droppings left over from bats living in caves from the natural environment as a fertilizer. These fertilizers, fertilizers containing all the other in nature, has a better nutritional balance (NPK), and the number of micro-organisms and functioning of organic fertilizers, are much higher than the. Laid down in the form of drops of sea bird droppings, also known as \"Guano\" accumulated in the caves of various types of sea birds and bats, and is defined as the dried droppings. It contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) ratio and provides nutritional support for a high level of plants as natural fertilizer. Bat droppings \"bioremediation microbes\" ca rich. For example, approximately one billion bacteria are fecal 100 ml. These germs, toxins in the soil help break the one hand, and the quality of the soil feeding on the other hand arttırırlarken and variations are responsible for the reaction of organic compounds naturally found in the stool. With these features, bat feces, especially potatoes, tomatoes and so on. are used to increase efficiency in vegetable production. For this purpose, its macro-elements (particularly N, P, K, including Mg, Ca, S, Na and Cl), and micro-elements (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, W, Mo) and used as fertilizer in agriculture. The mineral content of organic fertilizer and an excellent bat droppings (bat guano), a variety of flowers and ornamental plants growing in homes and workplaces can benefit from. Bats fly, and insects are eaten as a stool leaves the rest of the stomach to 15%. So many rich natural mineral fertilizers are the bat. Naturally contain additives such as chemical fertilizers, manures bat so raised due to the flavor of the products is quite different. Bat fertilizer required by the plant: organic nitrogen and organic carbon, organomineral microbial enzyme, nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and the like are very rich in minerals. Total Nitrogen (N) 1:00 to 8:00% Phosphorus oxide (P2O5) 1-6.00% Potassium Oxide (K2O) 0.70-2% Calcium Oxide (CaO) 3.60-12.0% Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 0.70-2.00% Iron (Fe) 0.70-1.50% Copper (Cu), 0:20 to 0:50% Manganese oxide (MnO) Built in 0.40-0.70 Ankastre% Zinc (Zn) 0.40-0.65% Sodium (Na +) 0:45 to 00:50% Organic material (OM) 30-65% pH (in H2O) 4.3-5.5 C / N ratio 8-15/1 Humidity 40-30% Trace amounts of cadmium Nickel \" Mercury \" Chrome \" Course \" Tin \" Bor \" Bat droppings contain 20-30% humic and fulvic acids. Fulvic acid is effective because of the nematosid and fungicide. Disrupting the primary stages of these insects and nematodes Nematosid render the effect. These nematodes are important for the production of ineffective root systems of feeding and protecting the plant. Arttırıcıdırlar to the influence of fungicide resistance against diseases caused by fungi. Humic acids can chelate all the metals, humic acid, which reacts with metals that constitute the organic-mineral bridges can easily be taken by the plant provides minerals. Soil aeration, water holding capacity in enhancing effective. Each plant site and plant them in need of mold and bacteria. They are around them goes back to the root. Micro life, as well as plant food to take to help protect against disease. Bat manure humic-fulvic acids içerisndeki created to enable the micro life to warn refreshed. Bat manure is possible, and therefore stimulate mikrohayatı with diseases, pests and plant resistance against pathogens has an incremental effect. Bat manure is obtained from one hundred percent natural ingredients, animal manure is not comparable to OTHER. For example, cow or chicken manure, compared. Cows and chickens fed a natural way, even if they are not organic, because they eat organic foods discontinued. Most of the cows ate feed made of dense and often chemical pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture products. In general, poultry manure is often seen used in the salinity problem areas over time. Fruit bats hunt their own food insects in plant cell walls by enzymes located in rural areas bulurlar.İçeriğindeki themselves proteins, fats, starches and celluloses kolaylaştırır.İdeal receipt by breaking down the plant due to pH-rate due to high salinity soil pH balancing function of the plant to burn vardır.Tuzludan prevents. Formation of Cream, and the soil layer compression to squeeze the body of the plant roots and microorganism activity and stimulates önler.Toprağı, heats and can be used both indoors and outdoors that can be used with the airing of sağlar.Kokusuzdur. 15-20 The application can be made once a day, because it takes time to descend deep into the soil within the soil and pruning ensures a longer-lasting. Water requirement is very small. Creates a surprising level of impact in a short time, the root ends of the thicker, the leaves of the plant leaves and a crown appears on the level of impact. Manure processing shape (the shape of the column to arrive and the drying process) allows more time to absorb fertilizer and soil chemical properties and metabolism hızlandırılıyorOrganik kullanır.Bio more efficient and non-workability of the soil elements arttırıyor.Micro elements naturally raises the resistivity increases and the plants against bacterial attack . easier to use than other fertilizers, practical and economical. Bat manure the soil health and vitality, providing resistance. The biological fertilizer taste, quality and productivity increases, and more greenhouses, fields and people who train at home using products in their own gardens. Bat guano \"in its structure rich in organic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other essential elements of bat manure, broken down by micro-organisms, converted to inorganic compounds. Bat manure and other fertilizers provided by the experts is explained by the greater efficiency in very small quantities. This can be defined as a concentrated fertilizer, virtually all types of rich content in the soil over time, 50-100% percent more than the other fertilizers increases yield.