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Quince has known in old time although, its production capacity didnot increased day by day. In many of the countries quince trees used maternal tree for the pears. World\'s quince production capacity is about 350.000 tons,in that Turkey is the biggest manufacturers by the capacity of quince production about 95.000 tons.Other big producer countries are China,Argentina and Iran. Avcioglu is planted its orchard for the quince as the first one in the Karaman region,and also first manufacturer about the quince.Avcioglu is aware of the product diversty in the farming sector thatswhy Avcioglu decided to make variations in its sector,and has started to behave as a pioneer in farming.

Turkey ranks first in the world quince production by producing the quarter of the total world production. In our country, quinces are produced mostly in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Blacksea Region. Quince is sightly fruit having a yellow skin, wonderful smell, firm flesh and delightful sourish flavour. The domestic varieties of high quality are exported. The main export varieties are below:Availability: July-September. Apart from these months, the quinces stared are offered to markets. Eşme: This kind of quince is also called as “lemon quince” because of its colour. It has a round shape, juicy and sourish flavour. It becomes narrower towards its stalk. Ekmek: The size of the fruit is large. It is less downy than most. Its flesh is crispy and its flavour is juicy and sourish. Lemon: This kind of quinces, which owns a high market value, has a round shape. It has a yellow skin like limon. Its flesh is sourish, juicy and yellowish.